Interior Template Example

Header 4 style, for optional intro highlight type copy. Should only be a few lines long, and let the reader know what they’re about to get into.

Example paragraph text style. This is what your standard paragraphs will look like throughout the entire site. Certain areas may have special styles, but this is your standard copy size. Paragraph links are styled like this so that they are easy for users to find. You also have the ability to BOLD text as well as emphasize text. You can also insert links to download things in your content, ‘Example Document Title’ (PDF), like this.

KC to update this page’s text to be a good example of an interior template soon.

Library Module – Text: Sidebar

This is a special text module that can be found in your modules library. It works just like the standard text module but has a background color and/or additional styles applied to it based on your project design.

This library version of the text module works great on interior page sidebars or anywhere else your designer has specified.

Interior Templates Can Have Rows Below Too!

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