Roseland Community Hospital

Roseland used $19.7 NMTC million investment to fund two critical projects: (1) the creation of the Adolescent Behavioral Health Unit, a 28-bed inpatient psychiatric care program for at-risk teenagers; and (2) the development of a Women’s Center of Excellence focusing on serving the obstetrical care and women’s health needs of the greater Roseland community.

The community impact of the NMTC investment resonates throughout the Roseland community and surrounding areas by providing free mammograms for uninsured women who live within the City of Chicago. The Philips MicroDose Mammography system that was installed using NMTC financing (1 of only 5 in the U.S.) offers a quick and efficient process requiring 40- 50% less radiation at 2-3 times the resolution of other digital mammography equipment.


  • Project: Roseland Community Hospital
  • Location: Roseland, Chicago IL
  • Results: $19.7 NMTC million investment to create a 28-bed inpatient psychiatric care program for at-risk teenagers, and developed the Women’s Center of Excellence providing obstetrical and women’s health care.

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