Neighborhood Lending

While finding large employers for communities is important, so too is encouraging local entrepreneurs who are rooted in the life of the community.

CNI’s Micro Finance Group is committed to bringing affordable microfinance solutions to small business owners who do not have access to traditional sources of financing.  

The Micro Finance Group’s microloans, currently ranging from $500 – $50,000, feature flexible underwriting criteria to allow borrowers to start up and expand their businesses.

The microloans are funded by community partners like JPMorgan Chase whose Partnerships for Raising Opportunity in Neighborhoods (PRO Neighborhoods) program is committed to addressing neighborhood quality issues and advancing inclusive economic growth in under-resourced communities.   

The Micro Finance Group is a partner in the Pathway to Enterprise for Returning Citizens program, providing access to start-up capital to former inmates launching their own business following the successful completion of entrepreneurship training.



Impacting Communities with Mission-Based Lending

  • 117 microloans funded since founding
  • $2 million in lending since December 2012
  • 552 jobs created and retained

Microloan Program Impacts to Date

Each loan must meet one of the following mission-based requirements:

  • Creates new and / higher paying employment opportunities
  • Save existing jobs
  • Creates more spending within communities on the South and West sides of Chicago, adjacent suburban communities and Northwest Indiana
  • Promotes community development by revitalizing commercial strips in underserved neighborhoods

Million Dollars Funded Since 2012

Jobs Created and Retained


Micro-loans Funded to Minority Entrepreneurs

For further information about our Microlending Program, please visit our site or contact CNI Micro Finance Group’s President, Erica King at 773.341.2072.

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