Pullman Revitalization

CNI is committed to the long-term revitalization of the historic Pullman neighborhood.

While Pullman had suffered greatly from the loss of the steel and rail manufacturing industries that fueled its initial growth, CNI focused attention on the community’s assets: historic buildings; the availability of developable land; rail, air, road and water connections to both the Atlantic and the Pacific; and, of equal importance, an organized community that valued the past as a foundation for building toward the future.

CNI began its work in Pullman by listening. CNI undertook an extensive community planning process, attending more than 60 community meetings and hosting three planning workshops. Community members identified key goals:  job creation, access to groceries and retail amenities, affordable housing, and safe recreational spaces.

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Pullman – Investment and Impact

CNI’s activities in Pullman have had impressive results such as attracting more than $225 million in investment and creating more than 450 construction jobs and 1,100 permanent jobs.

Million Dollars in Neighborhood Stabilization Program Funds to Support Affordable Housing

Million Dollars in National Foreclosure Settlement Funds to Support Affordable Housing

Construction Jobs Created

Permanent Jobs

Impacting Pullman Park

CNI is the master developer of Pullman Park, a 180-acre mixed use site at 111th Street and I-94, where CNI has coordinated $125 million of new investment and created nearly 750 new jobs.

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Pullman Park Community Center

CNI is developing a 135,000 square foot community center in the Pullman community. When completed, the Pullman Community Center will provide the neighborhood with three 121 x 200 full sized indoor multi-sport fields that will accommodate baseball, soccer and lacrosse — making it the only facility on south east side of Chicago to offer year round play.  Designed to be a center of community life, the facility will also offer flexible space for meetings, community events, exhibitions and sports training. The Center is scheduled to employ as many as 100 full and part-time and seasonal employees, coaches, instructors and management staff each year.

Honoring Pullman’s History While Building for the Future

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