Pullman Park

CNI is the master developer of Pullman Park, a 180-acre, $130 million, mixed-use site at 111th Street and I-94. During its involvement, CNI has coordinated $370 million in new investments, attracted many new businesses and amenities, and created nearly 1,500 jobs.

Understanding the need to create new jobs to bring people back to the community, CNI turned its attention to attracting new businesses to Pullman Park, the former site of Ryerson Steel. By accentuating the community’s assets, its location and proximity to transportation, large tracts of contiguous and available land and access to a skilled workforce, CNI attracted Method, SC Johnson, Gotham Greens, Whole Foods, Amazon and the Athletic Amateur Union to Pullman Park.

CNI’s focus on attracting retailers to Pullman Park has delivered much-needed services, and amenities to the Pullman, Roseland, and the Greater Calumet Region. Among them are The Pullman Community Center, a Walmart with a full-service grocery store, a Ross Dress for Less, a Planet Fitness and an Advocate Health Care facility. In addition, the 111th Street Gateway Retail Center features the One Eleven Food Hall offering three dining options: Lexington Betty Smokehouse, Majani Soulful Vegan Cuisine and AndySunflower Café.  It also houses a Potbelly’s, Star Cleaners, and a Blue Door wellness center.


  • Project: Pullman Park
  • Location: 111th and Doty Avenue, surrounding area
  • Results: 1,483 permanent jobs. Developed more than 1.75 million square-feet of commercial, industrial and recreational space. Catalyzed additional investments and developments. From 2010 to 2018, Pullman’s unemployment has declined 8% and its population has increased 5% (Source: U.S. Census Data). Redeveloped nearly all of the site’s 180 acres since Ryerson Steel closed in 2006.

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