Affordable Housing

The brainchild of railcar magnate George M. Pullman, the original town of Pullman – built between 1880 and 1893 – was one of the nation’s first and most beautiful planned industrial communities.

Designed by architect Solon S. Beman and landscape architect Nathan F. Barrett, Pullman was described by the Times of London as “the most perfect town in the world.”

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Preserving Pullman’s History

CNI works to preserve Pullman’s iconic brick rowhomes, which have served as a backdrop for such movies as “The Fugitive” and “Road to Perdition.” Hard hit by foreclosures in the early 2000s, Pullman’s historic residences are coming back to life, one by one, through the work of CNI, public agencies, and community partners. CNI acquires vacant abandoned rowhomes, restores them and sells them to individuals and families looking for safe, affordable housing in a revitalizing neighborhood.

Pullman Artspace Lofts

CNI is currently working with the PullmanArts, a local group of artists, and Artspace, a nationally recognized developer of Artist housing, to create and develop affordable artist housing, workspace, gallery and event space in Pullman.

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